Where You Can Find Each Zodiac At A Party


You spend most of your time on the dance floor, showing off your moves.


You’re busy playing video games, killing it at Mario Kart or Smash.


You’re in front of the television, watching the big game.


You’re in the kitchen, helping the host cook and clean and keep the party running smoothly.


You’re always manning the radio, blasting your favorite playlists from your phone.


You’re sitting in a corner, answering emails on your phone.


You’re by the bar, flirting with anyone who tries to talk to you.


You’re near the cooler, ready to mix drinks for anyone who’s thirsty.


You’re in the basement or walking down the street with friends, smoking weed.


You spend most of your time with the dog, cat, or any other animal you can find.


You’re in the bathroom, escaping all the noise until enough time has passed to leave.


You hover near the snack table to try all the different (free!) foods. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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