Your Valentine’s Week Horoscope Just Dropped: Here’s What Cupid Has In Store

(Last Used: 2/5/21) Your Valentine's Week Horoscope Just Dropped & Here's What Cupid Has In Store

February 6, 2021 — 16:22 PM

According to the AstroTwins, the main astrological event of this week won’t be Valentine’s Day but the eye-opening new moon that falls beforehand. Here’s your horoscope:

This week could feel like a cosmic vision quest as we lead up to Thursday, February 11.

That day, 2021’s only new moon in Aquarius activates our most idealistic, rainbow-bright notions about what could maybe, possibly be. This is a day to dream outside the box…if there actually is a box to begin with. Since visionary Jupiter and creative Venus are meeting up in Aquarius that very same day—and for the first time in over a decade, at that—no-limits brainstorming is what the cosmos has on tap.

Set aside your concerns about “reality” for a moment, and let yourself imagine. Don’t worry: This geeky Aquarian energy won’t let all logic fly out the window. But before you start taking measurements and outlining tech specs, dream as if there were zero limitations. Whatever genius you cook up will be doubly blessed half a year from now, when a rare, back-to-back pair of Aquarius full moons open up two powerful portals of manifestation on July 23 and August 22.

 While you’re dreaming and scheming under these collaborative moonbeams, don’t forget to ask yourself this: Who’s on my Cosmic Cabinet?

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, February 10, a clash between the Sun and agitator Mars could break some alliances that honestly haven’t been working out for a while.

If you need to find new recruits for your 2021 squad, this new moon could illuminate worthy candidates. Do take time to run the background checks since Mercury is retrograde until February 20. Looking for funding? Don’t forget that Aquarius is all about innovation, crowdsourcing, and community love.

This new moon also dovetails with the Lunar New Year (which falls officially on Friday, February 12), the moment when our astrological spirit animals post a change of guard. After 2020’s shrewd and anxious Metal Rat vibe—which eerily coincided with a real-deal plague—the grounded, industrious Metal Ox takes the helm. Oxen aren’t the most exciting creatures, but they are steady and reliable. In the metal element, they focus us on financial resiliency and remind us of the joy of working hard and living simply. Time at home will be rewarding, especially if we tackle any projects that make our spaces more comfortable and functional.

Valentine’s weekend is a bit of a cosmic joke—and not just because we’re all wearing masks and keeping our distance from each other.

Love planet Venus and maximizer Jupiter are smashing with signal-jamming Mercury retrograde as the three planets make exact connections in the Aquarius region of the sky. We’re not saying Aquarian energy is unromantic, but its wooing begins through the mental connection. This heady, intellectual energy is more dispassionate than passionate, allowing us to pull back and be objective.

But with backspinning Mercury in the mix—and the Sun and boundary-hound Saturn joining this quintet in Aquarius to boot—we may struggle to find that warm-fuzzy feeling this Hallmark holiday portends.

With Mercury retrograde, these awkward moments can turn into agitated ones. Since you’re reading this now, consider yourself forewarned: If you want to enjoy Saint Valentine this year, keep plans chill—or better yet, reschedule them for one week later when the Sun is in poetic Pisces, and Mercury’s back in direct motion!

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